What, No Hairbrush Spanking?

There’s nothing sadder than a spanko girl who doesn’t get the spanking she’s expecting. From A Life Restarted:

One of the things that makes me happy is a daily spanking (at my request most often). TND seems to enjoy my request and has no problem giving them. This morning, we had an early wake-up call, with no time for said spanking. So, tonight after dinner, we were in our bedroom chatting as we gathered things to head to the studio for some work TND had to finish.

TND: (as he fingers the paddle by the bed) Honey, could you bring me my hairbrush please?

Me: Sure!

And I pad into the bathroom for His brush, assuming i’m going to get my spanking. grabbing the brush I return to TND, who’s sitting on the bed. Handing Him the brush, I turn my ass to Him.

TND: Thanks.

And He begins to brush his hair. Then He looks up at my disappointed and startled face and laughs.

Me: Hey! I thought…

As He laughs, He turns me sideways and delivers several sound swats to my ass.

We left our home for the studio, laughing and me with a stingy, warm ass.

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