Be Sassy, Get A Spanking

It’s probably a bad idea for a woman who calls herself “Daddy’s baby” to smart off to “Daddy”:

…then I got kinda sassy and yelled a little bit and got sarcastic. That’s when he took me upstairs and gave me a paddling.

The paddling was bad, bare bottom with the wooden paddle with the holes in it. I screamed my head off and bawled. After he was done he made me go in the corner with my panties down which is SOOO embarrassing, and then he made me go to bed and it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet. I felt really sulky but not enough to open my mouth and say anything else to get me spanked again.

Then he went into the office and did some work with his office door open and left the bedroom door open too while I was in bed. I think he was doing that so he could peek and make sure I wans’t touching myself in bed which I really really really REALLY wanted to do but I never really do that without his permission because when he caught me doing it one time he gave me a pussy strapping and I never EVER want to have that again.

It’s not easy finding an effective deterrant for a woman who enjoys spankings, but I suppose for some, a pussy strapping does the trick!

  1. Rion commented on August 29th, 2006:

    I was hoping for details on how one delivers a pussy strapping. Unfortunately the young lady does not expound! I did, however, find the reason for her decision to sass in the first place very amusing. I imagine a happy girl in just three short days. LOL.

  2. Phoenix commented on September 1st, 2006:

    um….by striking the pussy with a strap in controlled strokes one would imagine?

  3. babydoll commented on September 7th, 2006:

    My husband likes to spank me on my pussy. After he spanks my bottom, he turns me over, makes me spread my legs, and spanks my pussy until I start crying. Then he makes me suck his dick until he comes in my mouth. If I don’t swallow his entire load, he uses my hair to wipe himself. I am a submissive, obedient wife because he spanks me.

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