Heirloom Spanking Strap

From an old comments thread at Spanking Writers comes this (fanciful?) tale of a family spanking tradition dating back 200 years:

Did you know that there is quite a tradition of “The Family Strap”? My wife’s family has had one for nearly 200 years. It is made of fine leather and oiled with neeps foot oil. And it is just like new. How do I know? Because the daughter of the family who needs it the most, by common consent, is given the strap as a bequest when she marries. It is hers to keep, but her husband’s to use. Well that “daughter” is my wife, and I am the husband who uses it, quite regularly.

We call Meddy, for Medicinal Strap. So that means I can say in public, Oh I think Meddy might be coming over the weekend, and watch my lovely but overstrung better half wince quietly. When it is time to administer “Meddy’s favour”, Sandy (not her real name)has to strip naked from the navel down – bare feet, legs, and bottom. And then fetch Meddy from her secret compartment. Sandy is hand-spanked first and then Meddy has her turn. The tears and shrieks are real, as is the bouncing red bum. The punishment is noted on a piece of parchment that goes in the mahogany container where Meddy lives. I promised that I would never touch or move Meddy unless it was to use her on Sandy’s arse.

So when we moved, Sandy had to pack Meddy up and move her to the car. But the rules also state that Sandy cannot touch or move Meddy unless she is naked from the waist down. We did not have to discuss anything on moving day. That night, while I was working on something else, I looked up and saw a butt-naked Sandy carrying a mahogany case to the car and trailer. It was dark, so most probably nobody saw her, but if they had, what would they have made of it.

  1. Nomenclator commented on August 28th, 2006:

    Twenty very solid wacks from the strap on the bare for not knowing the correct origin of the oil used to treat the strap. It is neat’s foot oil. Neat is the old and middle English word for cow or other domestic bovine animal. In actual commerce though the oil is usually rendered from the shin bones rather than the feet.

    I have no idea what a neep is.

  2. Sir Vice Anglais commented on August 28th, 2006:

    I believe a ‘neep’ is a Scottish word for a turnip or swede (the vegetable not the nationality)

  3. Ken commented on August 29th, 2006:

    Two thoughts:
    – It shows a lot of faith in the future son-in-law for parents to hand over an instument of punisment like that.
    – I’ll wager “mom” is happy to see it (the strap) go on to the next generation.

  4. Nomenclator commented on August 29th, 2006:

    So can you get oil from a turnip? I don’t think so.

  5. bob_boynton commented on August 29th, 2006:

    I wonder if it would be better to move to a modern leather conditioner. I used to use Lexol and it was better than neatsfoot oil by far. Now I use a spray from Bickmore and a lanolin-based cream Bickmore 4. I would put this concoction ahead of even lexol. I used Lexol on saddles, boots, harness, crops and chaps. However the Luchese boots of nude leather get the new stuff because even Lexol would gunk it up a little. The boots have gone through a resole and are like new after a year.

  6. The Doc commented on August 31st, 2010:

    Neatsfoot oil ruins leather over time – it breaks down the leather fibers and they simply fall apart. (I don’t see how a strap regularly used and oiled with neatsfoot could possibly last for more than ten years or so.) Lexol isn’t bad. I have no experience with Bickmore. The absolute best I have ever used is Obenauf’s.

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