The Alligator Clip Threat

Bethie and I don’t often get too deep into non-spanking BDSM stuff — we like a little bondage, and as she’s posted recently, we’re finding that she responds extremely well indeed to various misreatments of her nipples — but that doesn’t mean we don’t have and play with quite a few toys. (On the contrary, we have so many that we had to buy a special BDSM toybag just to stow them in.) One of my favorite threats — favorite because she’s highly motivated to persuade me not to follow through — is to put aligator clips on her various tender bits. Behold the innocuous alligator clip, otherwise known as the Great White Shark of the nipple clip ecosystem:

alligator clips for nipples

They bother Bethie — things with teeth, doncha know — so we haven’t played with them…yet. (She loves that word “yet”.)

I first came across the erotic purposing of these delightful little beasts in a Blue Moon spanking novel, perhaps by Richard Manton. It was some manor-full-of-slavegirls scenario, in which one young miss had been insufficiently willing; she found herself tied in a vulnerable and exposed position with large alligator clips on all her tenderest bits, and told to call through the house for her master when she was ready to be pleasing. So of course for some hours servants and all were treated to her voluable pleas and assurances that she’d do anything — anything! — if only her master would come and remove the clips.

Back here in the real world, we encounter Anissa forced to find her best professional voice while in a similar, if rather less contrived, predicament:

My day went on much like usual in some aspects. I spent a full day working on office work… payroll, other accounting work… dealing with business calls. But I also spent my day in high heels and nylons and nothing else as far as clothing goes. I wore the posture collar while I made His lunch. I was hobbled with ankle cuffs and chain between them that wasn’t even a foot long. I spoke on the phone with clients while my clit was clamped with one of those nasty little alligator clamps. Every time He found need to make a correction in my work… I was reminded to perform to perfection with a trip bent over His desk for a taste of His cane. Either He was even more exacting that usual or I was making a lot of mistakes because I was seemed to spend a lot of time today with my nose pressed to wood. The harder I seemed to try… the more mistakes He would find. The more time I spent over His desk. Tonight my ass is well marked, welted and feeling oh-so tender.

And it makes me so fucking excited.

  1. john commented on August 26th, 2006:

    i use the nipple clamps with a tens machine very hard stimulation

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