Spanking And Flogging

When it comes to spankings, it’s always wise to give a woman what she wants. But not always exactly what she wants, only that and nothing else, just in the way she’s expecting it. As Madeline makes clear, a little suprise can be good:

I backed up to the edge of the mattress and Thomas lowered his face to my cunt, smelling and tasting my juices through the lace, talking about pretty pussies and asses. He looked at me and said, “What am I going to do with you?”

I looked pointedly to the chair in the corner, where I’d laid out the flogger.

“You need a flogging?”

I nodded.

I really did. More than an orgasm, which I can give myself daily, I wanted pain and the suspension of time and space.

The flogger isn’t painful, but it does have a great sound, and the reddening effect it has on my skin is an added bonus. Plus, ever since I taught him to use it, Thomas has made several references to it, wondering when he’d get to use it again.

I stood bent over the bed, legs spread and he ran his palms over my ass, “Such a smooth, pretty ass…”

I sighed, raising up on my toes, aching to feel the first strike.

It came from his palm. The surprise made my breath catch in my throat. The burn made my cunt tingle. I was wet and smiling, my face turned to the side as it rested on the mattress.

He alternated between the flogger and his hands, remarking on the redness of my skin and the heat it radiated.

“You like it when I smack your ass?”


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