Spanking The Member

From a news story (popup warning) out of Scotland:

A LEADING Scottish politician attended a swingers’ club and asked to be spanked with red PVC gloves, a court was told yesterday.

Tommy Sheridan, the former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), was then said to have asked party colleagues to lie about his behaviour by backing his public denial of newspaper allegations against him…

Gotta love those specific spanking fantasies. Red PVC? Well, he is a socialist….

  1. Sarah Aless commented on July 20th, 2006:

    Hang on, I’M in Scotland – (have also been accused of being a bit lefty) how come no-one invited me to these parties?? Mind you saying that, not sure I’d want to party this way with Tommy Sheridan!!! For any brits reading this – don’t you think he has a look of Robert Kilroy Silk *shudder*(go and google image him – you;ll see what I mean) that’d put you RIGHT off!!

  2. Pandemonium commented on July 20th, 2006:

    It’s a shame such a big deal is being made of this. Other kinky people have day jobs they don’t get tossed out of for getting spanked at night, why should it be different for politicians?

    Too bad they don’t oust as many politicians for stupid policies as they do for sexual behavior.

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