Duct Taped For A Spanking?

Bonnie has the best adventures:

Randy began to applaud. He was clearly delighted by my striptease. Finally, I had for once turned the tables, or so I thought.

“That was excellent, Bon! Now let’s see you bend over this stool.”

Nearly breathless and fresh out of better ideas, I did as he asked. I placed my belly on the cold vinyl that coated the top step. Once I was in position, Randy produced my leather cuffs and slipped them onto my two wrists and two ankles. Designed as they are for restraint, each cuff has a small ring to allow attachment of a cord. Randy, of course, had other ideas. He grabbed a roll of grey duct tape from the top of his dresser (now, is that the sign of a real man or what?). He proceeded to fasten each cuff to a leg of the step stool by winding the tape around both cuff and leg. This had to have been the hard way, but it was effective enough. I was bound in place, fully exposed, and unable to move.

I mentally prepared myself for my spanking. It would hurt without a doubt, but it would be wonderful at the same time. At least I hoped it would. I was completely unready for the next sensation. Rather than a hot smack, I felt a cold finger, coated with lubricant, probing my rear orifice. In and out, around and around, he spread the viscous goo. Next, my Prince Charming began to insert a rubber plug. Slowly at first, he pushed, twisted, and pumped until it was in place. I can’t say it was particularly comfortable, but I sufficiently aroused by now to care only slightly.

As I was settling in with the idea of my most private place being thoroughly violated, the spanking began. Randy used a short leather strap to warm up my cheeks. It left a burning sensation with every stroke. When he decided I had enough of that, he switched to a wooden hairbrush. When vigorously applied to flesh of my posterior, it burned too, but in a deeper, more intense, longer lasting fashion. At one point, I recall Randy holding the brush in one hand and the end of the butt plug in the other. The sensations associated with being spanked and penetrated at the same time were so overwhelming that he had to steady the step stool to prevent it from tipping over from my rocking gyrations.

After many hard swats, my man finally decided I had been adequately spanked. He dropped the brush and walked around in front of me. He knelt down and gently kissed me. When he stood again, he lowered his pants and pulled out his weapon. “Open up,” he directed. I leaned my head back to accept his gift. I kissed, licked, and sucked his rod…

  1. Bonnie commented on May 27th, 2006:


    Randy and I do indeed share some great adventures. Thanks for the mention. We love your wonderful blog!


  2. weasel commented on May 29th, 2006:

    Finding your site opened up a new world for me. Thank you. My husband is just learning how to help me with my desires. Your site, and others like it are helping me define that too.

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