A Royal Birching, Much Anticipated

Here’s four paragraphs of prefatory material supposedly leading up to a birching in front of the Queen of England. Mind you, these four paragraphs are just a sample, the poor girl’s been up on the scaffold for twenty-two paragraphs already when our curtain rises:

He put his hand on the waistband of Gloria’s drawers and with a violent ripping, accompanied by a shriek of despair from the girl, the last veil of modesty was torn from her body. In a desperate gesture of modesty, she tried to hug herself against the whipping post. Gloria was naked except for her hose and garters, her bare buttocks made more delectably vulnerable by the cool breeze in this early hour of the morning. The cold air made her flesh shrink, and her lovely bottom cheeks tensed and contracted violently as the unfortunate young woman strove to hide her most intimate parts from the prying eyes all around her.

Fighting her terror, her eyes tightly closed, her body pressed fiercely against the heavy whipping post, Gloria Talmadge awaited her birching. The cool air tickled her skin, sensitised her nerves and made this tension filled moment before the first stroke interminable frightful agony. With all her might she pressed her loins against the rough wood of the post to hide the thick black curls which garlanded the entrance to her virgin cunt. The crowd could see the rippling spasms up and down her thighs and along her stockinged supple calves as she prepared for her first taste of the rod.

The whipper took his place behind the shuddering girl, standing at her left and brandishing the rod. He gave it one or two preliminary swishes just to test its efficacy, but the whistling hiss made poor Gloria gasp in fear and shrink with convulsive anguish against the whipping post. Arching up on tiptoe, her arms dragged out wide, the magnificence of her young pale body stark against the leaden sky, Gloria was like a beautiful frightened animal and the crowd was absorbed in the unfolding spectacle.

The whipper lowered the birch to the floor of the scaffold, measuring his distance, appraising the firm ample ovals of that delightful naked bottom given up to his flagellatory skills. Aware that the Queen herself was watching, he determined to acquit himself with valour. He watched the young woman’s buttocks tighten and shudder as all her muscles came to her defence, and he bided his time, proving he was a master of his craft.

At the rate this whipping is going, he might be able to bide his time all the way to the end of the book. (Which, by the way, is “The Passions of Lady Meg” by Paul Little, as excerpted at A Taste Of The Birch.

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