Whipping Post Picnic

Here is an amazingly pastoral scene from the usually-gritty-and-severe whipping folks at Pain Gate. A sunny day suitable for a picnic, lovely scenery, two mostly-bare pretty maids, a whipping post, some sort of snake whip:

whipping the girls in the sunshine

Really, it looks like a prescription for fun to me!

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  1. Edgar Andre commented on December 15th, 2005:

    Nice country side scene.

    How many lashes she deserves?

    At least twenty-four. The last against her pert breasts…

  2. ian commented on April 9th, 2006:

    Looks a good outdoor scene, yes 24 strokes should be good, and yes at least one rounds her nice small breasts. Be good to see the other girls face wondering or rather waiting knowing her turn was to come.

  3. Kristie commented on April 12th, 2006:

    Yea, looks nice. 24 sounds good.

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