No Fluffy Spankings

Bunny she may be, but subbie-bunny doesn’t like it fluffy:

i don’t like soft things…

well, i like marshmallows, and feather pillows, and sponge cake. but when it comes to all things sexual, softness, slow and easy, i don’t really like it that much.

spankings, when done softly, are pointless to me. smacks that are gone before i turn around aren’t worth the effort.

i want clear and precise.. i want slaps that sing in the air and sex that shakes the bed. i want lines that last and orders that stick. i don’t want maybes, and i don’t want soft.

i want to hear myself gasp over and over, and see the lines, the speckles, the hard edges of welts afterward. i want to feel the ache between my legs when i wake up the next morning.

  1. mikki commented on March 22nd, 2006:

    you know, i know, relaly, that people Do read my blog, but whenever someone posts about it, it always surprises me.

    the most common thought that springs to mind is usually, “why THAT post?”

    i love your blog. i’m glad you read mine.

    ~mikki, aka, the subbie-bunny

  2. alice commented on March 27th, 2006:

    The writing – beautiful. The message – so true!

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