Bedtime Strapping

Here’s a quaint scene of bedroom punishment with a leather strap, viewed from the best possible angle:

cute girl gets hard leather strap spanking

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  1. Phoenix commented on March 9th, 2006:

    One thing to really love about this position for strapping is that the arousal of girl is quite evident by the swollen nether-lips. Lucky cameraman…

  2. ian commented on March 10th, 2006:

    What a wonderful bottom, getting nicely red and the pussy lips growing

  3. Master Jack commented on March 25th, 2006:

    Wow! I wonder what the submissive honey has done to deserve that bedtime spanking.

    One thing I’ve found difficult to find, as I “surf the Net” in pursuit of information about spanking, is a schedule or menu or punishments. What offense requires what level of spanking? Would a careless forgetting to do some assigned task merit on over the knee hand spanking, while a deliberate refusal to do same require something more severe–like an application of a razor strop that will have the disobedient one hopping, howling and holding her buns when the discipline is over?

    I guess the reason there are so few hard and fast rules about this is because it’s different for each person or each couple. I think one constant, however, is that the “three d’s” defiance, disobedience and disrespect, always require a swift and intensely painful application of corporal punishment. Here, though, even “swift” is subject to dispute, because some disciplinarians will want to have their submissives to spend considerable corner time between the commission of the offense and punishment of same. And yes, letting “sweetie” know she is in for serious punishment and then giving her time to anticipate it can heighten the drama and add to the punishing effect.

    I recall spanking a lady friend for disobedience and asking her between spanks, as she lay in my lap meekly accepting her fate to be spanked like a naughty school girl, if I should take off my belt.

    “No!” she said at once. “I haven’t been THAT bad.” Oh? She had, during a stop for gas, run into the store and purchased a pack of cigarettes even as my order not to was ringing in her ears. So when we got back to our hotel room, I reminded her of her disobedience and we got up form the easy chair where she had been cuddling in my lap and went over to the bed where I took my seat and she stood by my right hand awaiting further instructions.

    “Take your pants down,” I ordered her in the calm quiet voice of one confident he will be obeyed. She hesitated.

    “Mmmm, you take them down,” she said. More disobedience. I could have made an issue of it, but I didn’t. I’m not one to turn down a woman’s invitation to take her pants down.

    Once I had her jeans lying in a lovely heap around her ankles I surveyed the scene and let her wait for a few seconds before continuing with the ritual.

    “Lay across my knee.”

    This time she complied at once placing the upper half of her body on the mattress to my left and lowering her hips and buttocks over my lap. I continued to talk to her about her disobedience as I slowly slipped her panties down to half mast across her thighs. “Now, my dear, I am going to teach you a lesson–a lesson in obedience. You disobeyed me and now–” Here I paused to lightly pat each cheek–“I’m going to punish you.” After asking her if she had any questions (She did not) and instructing her to lie still, I began spanking her in earnest.

    And it was during that spanking that I asked about the belt and she emphatically said, “No! I haven’t been THAT bad.”

    But now I think I let her off too easily. A hand spanking only for deliberate disobedience? Pardon the pun, but such conduct virtually cries out for the belt or a leather strap, does it not? Would a razor strop have been the appropriate instrument, do you think? (I don’t have one, but I suppose I could get one.)

    I have never strapped a lady, but if I ever do, I would expect to expand the “strike zone” to include the upper thighs as well as the buttocks. I think you do have to be careful there, however. One or two strokes on the upper thighs, each producing a howl of pain, should suffice, I would think.

    Anyway, I would appreciate advice or just different points of view when spanking or strapping is necessary, when she needs to go over a knee and when she should be placed over a table or a chair or desk, when and under what circumstances the belt or strap should be applied to the thighs as well as the buttocks. And should the one being punished have any say in what implement will be used on her or should it be entirely the top’s call?

    I await your comments, fellow spankers and spankees.

  4. jane commented on March 25th, 2006:

    I am a newbie sub, but, I would EXPECT to hear your belt being removed after receiving a good hard

    I KNOW that a good belt whopping is necessary when I do not listen to my man. What I mean is when I directly DISOBEY your rules. I would expect to be tied to the bed – spread wide and that belt would whip my bum and thighs and I would count and THANK YOU THANK YOU for TEACHING ME.

    When you order me to strip and confess my misdeeds, wouldn’t you just LOVE to ask me to choose the belt or strap?

    AND wouldn’t you EXPECT me to call the number?

    I would BEG for your belt. It is so personal.

    I need to hear you UNBUCKLE that belt and hear it zip through the loops KNOWING it is coming for my BUM and I will not enjoy it.l will cry and beg and YOU will order me to greet each hard oooohhh so hard lash of the belt with my b Mum.

    I NEED A GOOD SPANKER. I NEED a spanker who can CONTROL a bad girl. OHHHH, I need to be disciplined.

    It is my DREAM to be a submissive to a REAL man.

    OHHHHH, no not the strap.

    oooooooooooo i am sorrry sorrry sir, i HAVE NO RIGHT TO SPEAK OR DENY YOUR PUNISHMENT.


    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, MY titties need sucking.

    ooooooooooooooooooh, spank me hard sir for my slutty ways.

    I will count now.


    I don’t dare ask you how long my punishment will be.

    I want to be trained and spanking me will make me a goood submissive.

    I am a young girl who NEEDS SO BADLY a man to discipline me.

    I lower my head in shame to you. I am not a slut, I am a virgin.

    I lower my head in MODESTY to you. I am a virgin who wants to be dominated and spanked and MAYBE more, if you TAKE me as yours.

  5. Keith commented on December 4th, 2011:

    Lovely strapping photo

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