Post-Spanking Fun

Although I know a lot of folks have to get their spankings one place and their sex another, for various reasons, it’s always seemed an unnatural division to me. I know some folks are adamant that spanking isn’t about sex, for them; but it always has been for me. Here’s an account in harmony with my approach, from a new male-dominant spanking blog called A Spanker’s View:

Pretty soon, she was wiggling around, trying to cover her butt, although she was not trying to get away. At one point I had both of her wrists in my hand while the other was spanking. But, I wasn’t punishing. So it was not to far in when her bottom started getting rubbed too. Between swats, I’d rub her cheeks for her until she was cooing, and getting breathless. And I started to rub her through the crotch of her panties (which for some reason were soaked).

Finally, I asked her if I could remove her panties to finish her spanking. I don’t think she even knew she had said yes. But she raised her hips as I lowered her panties, the crotch sticking to her at first, but finally, her bottom was bare. She was not naked, but I’ve always liked a woman partially dressed during a spanking.

This time, when I spanked, my finger entered Jen between swats. By the time we were done with her spanking, Jen had cum and was spent, and I was a very happy, albeit hard, boy. Jen was happy to help me deal with that, lying on her back and letting me impale her to my heart’s content (well, maybe not my heart, but some organ).

Sounds like one of those moments ideal for a bondage blowjob (where the bondage is purely gratuitous and for aesthetic enjoyment only).

  1. not tee one commented on February 8th, 2006:

    i feel exactly the same way as jen and i love to get spanked playfully, but hard. i’d much rather do it with the one i love, rather than a bunch of random people. loved the story and you’re point of view. thanks a bunch for it.

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