Vintage Paddling Picture

Here’s another classic vintage spanking photograph from Usenet:

vintage paddle ball paddling

Is that a paddleball paddle, do you think?

  1. Haron commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    LOL That must make a hell of an impression over a GIRDLE.
    Love the racy underwear :)

  2. irelandsdaughter commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    SpankBoss, we just found your site today and are so impressed with your collection of thoughts and writings. Thank you for sharing!

  3. daddyslittlebabygirl commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    Yummy blog, yummy writing, yummy pictures. Bravo!!!

  4. naughty commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    Your site is awesome.

  5. Celticbratt commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    Yup- the only problem… you do know that these women are now in their 80’s?ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or even worse????? Vintage pics make me wonder…”Where are they now???”

  6. Dan Duffy commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    If they are in their 80s, I hope they still have someone who loves them enough to spank them when necessary. I like to think that as spankos we’ll be practicing our craft for the rest of our lives. As I always like to say, “you’re never too old for a good spanking.” :-)

  7. Carrielily commented on November 3rd, 2005:

    here here Mr. Duffy! CD and I often joke that he’s gonna be chasing me around when where old and grey. . . you know something like, “come back here Carrie, when I catch you I’m gonna spank you over your walker with my cane!” LOL
    SpankBoss that picture makes me think man that position looks uncomfortable and hard to hold. Wonder if she gets extras if she can’t hold her legs up there the whole time hmmm. . .

  8. wannasim commented on November 9th, 2005:

    I think its one of those stapled on bouncy ball paddles. They are thin and stingy, especially on the hands…however it’s preferable to a ‘jelly shoe’ spanking!

  9. Chicago commented on November 10th, 2005:

    Tasty pictures. It reminds me of the Betty Page catight photos popular in the 50s.

  10. Becky commented on November 23rd, 2005:

    Yea old pics now the panties would be much sexier and sheer and revealing but same result tears, crying and pleading. The one with paddle does look no nonsense which is needed todaywith all the young bratty girls around I loved it and new here

  11. spankingenthusiast commented on September 1st, 2009:

    Although it is 2009, retro is Hot !! I love the underwear as well! and the spanking with a paddle, what-ever the make puts it in the “edge play category”, especially since B.D.S.M, or even spanking wasn’t that popular… LOL… Yes it was… although not in a sexual/senual way… it was meant as punishment… ex. spanking in the movies on utube… Thanks for Spanking Blog !!

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