Your Basic Erotic Spanking

Mistress Matisse has written a primer on erotic spanking for beginners, in this flavor:

So you’ve played out whatever action frames the spanking, and you’ve got your sweetheart over your knee. Now what?

A little warm-up, that’s what. Massage his/her butt firmly, rub it a little, and whack it lightly. Slap it gently all over, pausing now and then to massage it a little more. Do that for, oh, between two and five minutes, depending on how eager or nervous your lover is.

Now let’s get a little more serious. Ramp up the intensity of the spanks. After each swat, watch and listen to your partner’s response. First you’ll get the flinch, and the tensed body as she processes the sensation. Then he’ll breathe out and you’ll feel his body relax. That’s when you smack him again.

My only quibble: although I understand the value of gender neutral writing, swapping pronouns mid-spanking is not how I’d choose to get there. Just how many people is “you” spanking in this scene?

  1. Aimee commented on November 4th, 2005:

    Since she’s teaching beginners, I imagine a class of men and women bent over chairs with their butts exposed ready to be spanked. Nice visual, huh? hehe

  2. jm commented on November 10th, 2005:

    Great initial expalnation. I am so thankful for the pronoun changes that allow for F/M explanations

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