Brat, Or Not?

If you’ve ever been conflicted about being a brat, you’re not alone. Spankable writes:

Being a brat is fun; you can speak your mind; you can be cheeky; you can play pranks and joke around, and yet you’ll always know pretty much exactly where the line is and whether or not it’s a good idea to dip a toe over it, or slide your whole foot across, or occasionally, just occasionally, run as far and as fast as you can until it’s far, far behind you. You get to act out and have fun and, y’know, being a brat, you’ll probably enjoy the come-uppance as well (at least to a certain extent)!

Buuuut… a large part of my brain’s objecting. About half, actually. Shouting things like “you’re a grown-up! Act like one!” And I can act like one, when I need to. Just, at other times, I prefer letting my hair down (even if I have just had it cut). I mean, today I made cake and towards the end there were ridiculous amounts of icing sugar being used, and my hands were stuck right in it. Do you know how tempting it was to leave hand prints on my beloved? And then I decided I didn’t want a spanking today, so I didn’t :)

  1. Tobias commented on July 31st, 2005:

    I remember an advertising campaign broadcasted on German television. It shows an adult who plays a trick or joke or just acts very childish bundled with the slogan: “Tu doch nicht so erwachsen” which means roughly: “Just don’t act like if you were a grown-up.”

    In fact I think “adult behavior” is just an euphemistic expression for obdurate and inhibited behavior.


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