Brat Loop And Rat Tail

If you haven’t already, you should take a quick look at the two new toys Bethie and I received from John at Leather Thorn Paddles. Bethie’s got pictures here.

Unfortunately I’ve had an energy-sapping head cold ever since the toys arrived, so we really haven’t given them the thorough product testing they deserve. Yet. I did give Bethie one good swat with each when I opened the box, and the results were very promising. The Brat Loop in particular she’s going to have a hard time pretending to be unimpressed with. One fairly hard swat left a persistent red mark and a raised welt I could feel for several hours.

However, this morning Bethie was wiggling her bottom at me, so I followed her back into the bedroom where she attempted to “hide” under a sheet. After removing the sheet, I grabbed the Brat Loop and just flicked it at her bottom a dozen times or so, using nothing but wrist action. She immediately started wiggling the way she would under a hard paddling. Briefly, the Loop raised a visually-appealing tracery of curved red marks, although they faded fast.

I promise a much better report after we’ve had a chance for some proper play with these.

  1. Dave commented on June 10th, 2005:

    The Loop is an excellent length — very managable. We prefer something in the 18″ category, but mostly see something longer or shorter. The Loop is inviting.

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