Spanking In Penthouse

There’s an entertaining “mainstream” article (by the prolific Rachel Kramer Bussel) about spanking in the May 2005 edition of Penthouse Magazine. Rachel writes at length (for a mostly vanilla audience) about the pleasures of spanking, emphasizing the fun along with the fact that it’s really not scary-kinky like some of the more rigorous BDSM practices out there.

There’s not too much that’s new in the article for commited spanking pervs like myself, but it would be an excellent introduction to the idea for (say) a man who hasn’t been into spanking. So ladies, if you’ve been trying to get your man to spank you, you might want to slide this magazine subtly into his “collection” (or, for a more direct approach, read the article aloud to him). Good luck!

And Rachel, thank you very much for the kind mention of Spanking Blog in the article. I know that the printed men’s magazines don’t have so big a readership as they did when I was a young man, but there’s still something very exciting about seeing something I did (My site! Mentioned in Penthouse!) in a magazine I’ve been “reading” (on and off) since I was thirteen.

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