She Said, He Said

I always enjoy it when Bethie blogs about one of the spankings she gets from me. But sometimes I am amazed at how different our perspective can be on some of the details. Were we even at the same spanking?

This time, I put a butt plug in her during her spanking. And it was clear that she liked it, a lot. But what she doesn’t mention was, up until that point, she didn’t seem to be enjoying the spanking very much. It was one of those spankings where she was fretful, with lots of “ouch!” and “stoppit” and “that’s too much” and general fussiness. I was mixing and matching the implements, trying to find something that would induce either her wide-eyed full attention or, better yet, the calm-with-minor-butt-wiggling that means she’s really enjoying herself.

So, when I thought of using the plug, I asked her if she wanted to play with something that would guarantee her a break in the spanking. She was naturally suspicious, but I showed her the plug, and she agreed. So I put it in, which was fun.

The instant transformation in her attitude was as dramatic as it was unexpected. She went from fretting to calmly enthusiastic in three strokes of the tawse. All resistance was gone, and she immediately began to enjoy herself. Normally I don’t use the heavy strap for long, but this time she seemed to soak up and enjoy as much as I cared to give her. I’ve almost never seen her enjoy it so much. We’ll definately be doing that again!

  1. Bethie commented on April 17th, 2005:

    I was not being fretful! You make me sound like a ninety year old woman. Fretful?!?

    I did *enjoy* the plug though. That’s why I got quiet, I was enjoying the experience. Hmph!

  2. Jayda commented on April 17th, 2005:

    That’s why it is so nice to have your (and other guys) perspectives to put alongside our own. Helps us to understand you better.

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