Who’s Been A Bad Girl?

From Pussy Talk:

Nice girls don’t let men do what you’re doing. By restricting my leg spread, my panties represent the last strained but valiant shreds of my virtue.

All the while you scold me in patient tones, all the while I squirm under the blazing heat of your hand as you strike, stroke, and probe me, the insistent embrace of the elastic around my thighs reminds me that I deserve all this.

So that’s what panties are for….

  1. Mr. Chris commented on March 22nd, 2005:

    I like this. Virtue is reluctantly abandoned? Stroking, striking and probing are deserved. Hmm. The pulling down of the panties and the initial exposing of my girl’s vagina is very important to me. I like the way her vulva tends to protrude when I am spanking her. She deserves every sharp slap. Her vagina needs a lot of attention payed to it. She seems reluctant at first but she responds very well to probing and penetration during spankings. It makes her come when I describe how I will cane her one day, while I slip my fingers in and out and around her very swolen lips.

  2. Paddled Princess commented on April 4th, 2005:

    I totally agree that panties are there for a reason. It’s almost so much better when you can feel them there, it adds to all of the excitement and the feeling that you’re in such a vulnerable position, especially if you’re used to being naked in front of the person doing the spanking…having panties pulled down restricts the kicking AND it helps to remember what’s really goin on there….if the heat building up isn’t enough. hehe

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