Introducing Spanking, The Wrong Way

The old “When do I tell this girl I want to spank her?” problem usually has no easy answers, unless she brats you up and then says “What are you going to do, spank me?” when you laughingly tell her to cut it out. Telling her on the first date can be less than ideal; but waiting until things get serious could be rough and unfair to both of you, if it turns out spanking is a deal-breaker.

Just because a problem has no easy solutions, however, doesn’t mean there aren’t a bunch of dead wrong answers that, frankly, should never have crossed your mind in the first place. Example:

I went out with this one fella who had a thing for spanking. I didn’t realize this. So we had gone out a little, meeting in town at bars and whatnot, but nothing serious. No nekkidness, nothing more than sweet little innocent kisses. So one night we’re at a fairly good sized bar, and he’s been drinking pretty heavily. COMPLETELY OUT OF NOWHERE, he grabs me roughly and bends me over and starts spanking the hell out of me, in front of all these folks who looked suddenly uncomfortable. I mean, he left welts. In public. I hadn’t given him any indication this was a) acceptable or b) desired, so I was clueless. Couldn’t sit down properly for days after that. Dealbreaker.

How drunk would you have to be, to think this was a good idea?

  1. Shelly commented on March 10th, 2005:

    i’d have to be really really drunk (ie: passed out) for a guy to do that to me after a few casual dates and not go to the police. there’s a huge difference between consensual and what that idiot did.

  2. Invidia commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Great to see you posting again, Spank Boss!

    This is a hilarious tale – and though I do feel sorry for both parties involved, and I do think that you can’t have a relationship like that (without the trust and communication necessary to sustain it), I do have to say that it is the stuff my fantasies are made of – sans drunkeness of course.


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