First And A Half Spanking

This is nifty — Anonymous Jane writes about her spanking that wasn’t quite her first spanking, yet really kinda sorta was:

I just wanted to let you all know that The Boy spanked me today. Another first for him. A semi-first for me.

I mean, I’ve been spanked before…the off-handed, timid (or occasionally not-so-timid) slap on the ass mid-fuck.

Never before have I been bent over the bed, his legs pinning mine down and together, he relentlessly and forcefully ensuring that the entire surface of both buttocks (do people say that any more? I mean really?) turns furiously red.

Never before has looking at my ass in the mirror been such a pleasurable experience. It’s been almost five hours, and it still tingles.

Heh, that means The Boy is doing it right!

Gentlemen, if your lady doesn’t have one of those old-fashioned large oval mirrors on the free-standing frame, that she can tilt to any angle, you should definitely get her one. It will give her hours of amusement, and when you catch her admiring her own red marks, you can offer to freshen up the fading spots. Money well spent.

  1. Pantiespantiespanties commented on March 10th, 2005:

    You’re right! We get a *ton* of mileage out of the big tilting mirror over our dresser.. though usually it’s to admire stockings, garters, boots.. the tilt’s so handy when the girl’s so short, anyway. ;)

  2. Jayda commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Isn’t that what mirrors are supposed to be used for? WEG


  3. anonymousjane commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Thanks for reading! I love your blog, and I’m thinking about sending The Boy this way for a few ideas….

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