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I don’t know about you all, but I sometimes find the comment system a bit limiting as a means of promoting community betwixt-and-among my readers. It’s very serial and very slow. So when I noticed that Google was beta-testing a free email group service (like Yahoo Groups, only better) I decided to create a Google Group for Spanking Blog. This is an experiment; I have no idea whether anybody will want to use it. I basically envision the thing as a big erotic-spanking free-for-all, with a few notable exceptions. I’m going to moderate the thing, because I won’t have anything associated with this blog that’s not as kink-friendly, non-judgmental, non-political, spam-free, and polite as possible. So be nice, eh? And if you post stories or pictures or artwork, make sure to indicate that they are your own work, or that you have permission to post them.

If nobody joins, it won’t come to anything — but if you want some community space, here it is. Enjoy! (See signup box at bottom of page)

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