Spanking Therapy

I love this blog post title: Nothing Ruins a Bad Mood Better Than a Good Spanking. And it’s true, too. Whenever Bethie gets out of sorts, I give her a spanking while getting all mock-stern about her being “fractious”. By the time she’s trying to figure out whether to laugh or whimper-and-squeal, her bad mood is usually long gone.

Or, as it went down in the post:

He had me get onto the floor on my hands and knees. He started in with the paddle on my butt, harder than i expected right of the start. i was mostly annoyed just then, but i decided maybe i just needed to have the sullen mood beat out of me, so i breathed and relaxed. Quickly i found it easy to take even harder smacks than He initially used. He paused often to rub my quickly reddening bottom. That felt good, and made it somehow more personal. He used His hand also, and raked His nails over my back, leaving some nice red lines.

Apparently this was all very arousing for Him, He grabbed my hair and sat back on the couch, ordering me to take Him in my mouth. He knows that i don’t really like to lick Him there if He hasn’t freshly showered, but sometimes He makes me do it anyway, just because i don’t like it. Well if the spanking didn’t do it, that did, and i started feeling ‘sub state of mind’ coming on. i sucked and licked Him to orgasm, and He came all over my chest and neck again. At this point i was kneeling up, and He told me to stay, my palms against my thighs. i obeyed, and He proceeded to lay into my butt with His hand again. This time there was no pain, only that lovely feeling of teetering on the edge, i found it hard not to fall forward. My legs felt unsteady and i had to make a conscious effort not to turn into a puddle of mush on the floor.

He told me that my red ass was beautiful. That is maybe the most Dominant-like thing He has ever said. Few people can appreciate a just-beaten ass like a Dominant. It made me feel amazing.

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