A Pedagogical Spanking

The Mac technobabble doesn’t mean anything to me, but it doesn’t sound like Hornboy is on the right track here when it comes to teaching it to Violet Blue:

Last night, Hornboy just couldn’t take it anymore. He asked me, “so, have you done any of those OSX tutorials?” I demurred. I rolled onto my stomach, facing away. “You were supposed to work on learning OS ten today.” “Ummm,” I said into a pillow, “I’m working on it.” Firmly: “No you’re not.” Petulantly: “Yes I am!” He pushed up his sleeves and said, “Okay. This is a test. How do you open a file in OS ten?” “Uh — double click on it?” He squeezed my butt and said, “you got lucky that time. How do you organize photos in iPhoto?” Giggling: “You import them?” {spank spank spank} “Wrong!” {spank spank spank} He continued, “How do you minimize your dock?” “In the preferences?!” “Too bad.” {spank spank spank} It was a long night.

At this rate I may never learn OSX.

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