Spanking Her Thighs

Bad Bad Baby (whose comment on the last post led me to her blog) has a real neat post up about how she learned the downside of giving a smartmouthed “no” to a man who has both a paddle and all the privileges that go along with it:

Monday night at bedtime MrMan informs me that he’s gonna fuck me like i haven’t ever been fucked before. i wasn’t really feelin it…i wasn’t feelin so great. i smartmouthed him and told him basically that i wasn’t gonna let him have it. big mistake.

he had me on my tummy faster than you can say ‘no, please’ proceeded to smack me twice with our new paddle. HARD! i felt tears sting my eyes and i looked at him to see just how serious he was. he wasn’t playing around. i felt myself slipping under and letting go. i relaxed my body because i knew i was going to be punished. he smacked me at least 10 times on each ass cheek until i was just barely breathing. then he made me turn on my back and he smacked me hard on the insides of my thighs. this was a new one for me and it hurt a lot more than i thought it would, but it made me so damn horny! i had this thought in the back of my mind that i wanted him to spank my pussy but i couldn’t really say anything at the time. maybe next time.

he made me turn back onto my stomach and he wouldn’t let me watch what he was doing. he grabbed my panties and ripped them down my body. he told me how i had huge welts on my ass and how he couldn’t wait to fuck me. i waited for another spanking on my ass and i could feel my body tensing up in anticipation. when the paddle came down on the back of my thigh and then quickly to the other thigh i was sure i would cry…but he quickly made me forget that by paddling me hard and fast across the most tender spots on my ass that he had set afire just minutes before.

Now that gives the term “smartass” a whole new connotation! Of course, MrMan got what he wanted. And everybody went to sleep happy.

  1. deej, just deej commented on March 10th, 2005:

    If a bottom spies a new implement, buys it and carries it home, then finds it far, far too painful to continue using, do we say their eyes were bigger than their ass?

    Just checking.

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