Vikki Needs A Spanking

Poor Vikki. Apparently she doesn’t have anybody to give her a flogging right now, and she sounds like she needs one in the worst way:

I miss the sting of the flogger; while I am far from a pain slut, there was something soothing, challenging, and incredibly fuckably sexy about presenting my ass for a good flogging. Particularly when tied standing up, facing a wall. Soothing, because it was good and solid contact, making me deliciously aware of my body. Challenging, to take the pain and turn it into pleasure, to fight the instincts of my body to curl up on itself and instead work through the pain – like how a good workout feels. And incredibly fuckably sexy, because in spite of what efforts I put forth, I’m deliciously aware that I am naked and they are not, they are watching my body’s reactions to every stroke, and whether I want them to or not, they’re likely aware of just how wet my pussy is getting.

Of course, it’s sexier and hotter still when they pause to slide their fingers into my pussy, just to make sure. Making small comments about how wet I am. The shame and the pain and the contact brings high colour to my cheeks and makes me whimper. Body on fire.

Yup, she needs one all right. But as the rest of her post makes clear, you can’t get what she needs from just any old guy with a flogger.

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