Lots of Hairbrush Spankings

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked to one of the spankings Michelle gets. Mike gives all the juicy details [link broken and removed]:

I asked for her hands, and she gave them to me, and I quickly had her tied at the wrists. Then I got up, opened her legs, and sat between them, running my hands, then my nails over her bottom. Then back to rubbing with the flat of my palm, following up with a nice hard slap. Pretty hard, especially for a warm up.

I took it to ten, and by the time ‘d hit the last she was squirming – I could have stilled her with a word in that tone of voice, but it’s far more fun some days to hold her still.

Then I picked up the hair brush. It’s wooden, about an inch wide, and leaves red marks with the lightest of slaps. With the mood I was in, light slaps were not on the menu.

I stopped at 150.

There’s something so efficient about the hairbrush. Generates lots of nice marks and authentic squirming, for minimal effort.

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