Guy Spanking

A rare guy-gets-spanked-by-his-woman link for those of you who like that sort of thing, from Cock Under Lock (which means just what you suspect it does):

E then had me bend over the bed. My naked ass was pointed up in the air, when she began smacking it with the paddle. She was giving it to me harder than she ever had before. I must have taken over 50 hits with it. I was relieved when she stopped, but only momentarily. She picked up the black leather riding crop and made me forget all about the paddle. I could hear the crop swishing through the air before it would land on red, stinging ass. E gave me another 50 with the crop. This instrument was far more brutal, and all I could do was scream into the mattress as she swung away. When it was over, my butt was so red and raw I couldn’t sit and it still was sore a day later. I will only say that I got what was coming to me.

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