A Warming Punishment

Bonnie describes her most recent punishment spanking (with hairbrush and belt) in this Google Groups post (that’s Usenet for you old-timers):

Then he sat down
next to me on the bed and started spanking me with the hairbrush –
slowly at first as he’d promised. It hurt! It hurt so bad, it hurt
so good! It especially hurt on the sit-spots. He likes to
concentrate on those spots. I wonder why? {g} In between spanks he
lectured me on my misdeeds, giving me a needed respite but the end of
the spanking with the hairbrush was a rapid-fire flash of ten spanks
alternating cheeks. I had to keep my position and not move at all or
he would start over again. As I’d done in the past I bit the pillow I
was clinging to, yelping from the back of my throat.

And after her spanking, he rubbed a little HEET (cheap methanol normally sold for drying auto fuel systems) on her bottom for extra tingle. Wot a meanie!

Thanks to Hairbrush Action for the link.

  1. John Palmer commented on March 10th, 2005:

    The “Heet” described is *not* the methanol compound used for drying fuel lines; it’s a type of liniment with a largish dose of capsacin(sp? hot pepper juice, essentially). A very light coating will cause a semi-pleasant warmth; a heavier layer can cause burning that’s relatively intense. I’ve heard it said that an application of HEET can be worse than a spanking, because the burn might not be quite as intense, but it’s continuous and lasting.

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