Feeding Danor’s Addiction

Danor got caned. Again:

Then Kam rather abruptly got irritated with my inability to make decisions on what to buy, which spun me a little, and the upshot of it all was that I was a bit quiet and withdrawn on the drive home. Once home, Kam told me I was being a grump and needed a good caning. I didn’t think I was being a grump, but I usually need a good caning so I didn’t protest very much.

He had me clean up my room, which I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up for his arrival (I’m not the neatest person, but I usually manage that, and will in the future, as scurrying around putting things away while he stood there grimly supervising and eyeing the cane was definitely eepish) and then set a pillow in the middle of the floor with a chair in front of it and facing it. He had me undress and kneel on the pillow and bend my upper body over the seat of the chair, and tied my hands together around the back of the chair. Then he got out the cane, tapped it against my bottom, and started in.

Have I mentioned I love being caned?

Yes, Danor, you did. {grin}

Please don’t stop, it’s always fun to hear about.

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