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Somebody dressed as Dr. Cyclops: “Absent a place to tie up and spank the crap out of cute girls, what’s the point of leaving the house?”

Well, OK, you’ll want some context for that. Try Violet Blue, who charges merrily about with sexy friends through the peripheries of the more interesting bits of the kinky sex scene in San Francisco while proclaiming and bemoaning her relative lack of participation:

So no, my threesome didn’t happen, not at the superhero party, nor the next evening when Hornboy and I went hot tubbing with wine and candles and Minx, whose idea it was, declined to call. The superhero party was perhaps the anticlimactic buzzkill of the whole setup — while the last party from this host was fantastic, the open to the public, no playspace party turned into a rager where few were in costume, and there was much “super puke” in the bathrooms. I was relieved to spend time with a couple that I adore, who both work for San Francisco Sex Information. While I was with the fabulously costumed Hornboy as Harvey Birdman, they won my personal prize for high-concept superhero scenario — he was the nefarious Dr. Cyclops, and she was a tough-girl heroine who had to break into his lab to steal a secret formula. Of course, she would get caught and have to be tortured for hours. Sadly, the party setup had their hours’ worth of role-play fun shelved for later, and their nearly 75-lb. bag of S/M gear and sex toys unceremoniously dumped in coat check. As Cyclops put it, “Absent a place to tie up and spank the crap out of cute girls, what’s the point of leaving the house?”

There. Context. Happy now?

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