Melting Down With Style

I love this article in which CruelLadyScorpio defines the different levels of “dominant strop”. (For those of us who speak a version of English other than the Queen’s own, a strop is something like a tantrum or an angry fit.) Anyway, I especially like her description of the Grade A dominant strop:

Grade A: Only for use when you’re incandescent with rage due to something like a repeat infringement. Ensure object of your fury is kneeling or sitting. Stand up slowly to achieve full Dom Loom as angry flush creeps up neck into cheeks. Allow face to achieve quality of granite. Glare. Stride off suddenly, swiftly and emphatically, so sub needs a moment to twig what’s going on. Try not to trip over. Hide, preferably outside, and take deep breaths until you’ve got yourself under control. Cry a bit if required to relieve tension. By the time sub has found you, you’re ready to deal with situation rationally. Fetch cane.

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