Serial Spanking Story Complete

Vikki’s eleven part spanking story is finally all posted. And it’s yummy:

He held his fingers loosely, and started a series of quick, light smacks, a little harder than the first ones, covering both cheeks and the very top of her thighs. Gradually, the skin turned a gentle pink.

She turned her head to face him. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes wide.

“You … can … go … harder,” she said breathlessly.

His forearm shot down, driving a rigid palm. There was a loud, meaty crack, and an oval patch on her right cheek turned pale, then scarlet. There was a sharp intake of breath from beneath him.

“I know!” he said cheerfully.


She heard laughter in his voice, and something darker.

Okay, really, ow.

And yet…

Okay, pain slut she wasn’t, but still, something dark and liquid inside of her was bubbling from the heat of that last stroke. It hurt. But as the pain subsided there was throbbing. Made her want to scream. Beg him to fuck her. Animals in heat.

It also made her wonder if she could take another like that.

She hadn’t finished the thought, really, when he landed another one on the opposite cheek, just as hard. Her body bowed.

Her ass felt stung, hot.

And her pussy had never been wetter.

From “Spanking (A He Said / She Said Story)” by Vikki and Arcturus.

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