Handcuffed And Ready To Be Spanked

OK, OK, this isn’t really a spanking photo. But how many of you, my loyal readers, think this young lady needs a spanking?

girl handcuffed on her knees for a spanking

Yup, I thought so. Survey says: “Spank her!”

  1. Josh commented on September 6th, 2005:

    Yes, pull her skirt up, her panties down, and spank her, hard!

  2. RC commented on August 16th, 2008:

    Yes, she needs to be spanked, but first one must toy with her.

    Inform her that she is quite the saucy little tease. Tell her you find her ass-wiggle in such a short skirt a provocation. Ask her (rhetorically) what is a guy to do with her?, as you slide your right hand up the inside of her left thigh. Let your finger trace the cleft of her pussy beneath her panties, and gently clasp her pussy lips between your thumb and forefinger, squeezing a little, then relaxing, only to squeeze again.

    Then start rubbing. When you feel her panties moisten as her desire is aroused, tell her how disappointed you are that she is thinking such naughty thoughts, and so she must be punished.

  3. Gary commented on October 20th, 2010:

    A good position for the good long paddling with the wood paddle!

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