A Spanking For Teacher

Here’s a fun story that starts out with two teenaged girls getting thoroughly paddled for poor academic performance. And then their father determines that it’s time to settle accounts with their tutor, who had promised him better results:

“Mr. Gentry, I’m really sorry about these grades,” Paula finally blurted out. “I’m sure with a little hard work we can bring them up by the end of the semester. It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sure it won’t,” the man said as he moved back to the chair behind the desk. “I’ve made sure of that with two-thirds of the parties involved and I’m just about ready to show the third party.”

“Oh Mr. Gentry, you can’t be serious,” Paula stammered out as a forced smile tried to mask her woes. “You really can’t be serious about that little wager we had for fun.”

“I’m perfectly serious,” the man said calmly. “Even if we didn’t have the wager, I would be looking for some kind of punishment for the teacher. This will just be a good opportunity to teach you that there is more than one way to get a message across to young minds.”

“Since you say that you have never been spanked before, I won’t use the paddle for this first time,” the man said as he made eye contact with the tutor. “Still, don’t think you are getting off easily. I plan to touch that seat of yours up pretty good before we go talk to my daughters about you punishing them with the paddle from now on.”

From “A Teacher Learns A Lesson” by Mike Burke.

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