Life’s Short, Spank Hard!

Here’s a story about a guy who spanks his girlfriend for blowing off a tutoring session she promised him. But read on if you wish it had been the other way around. After she gets spanked, she discovers with some outrage that he didn’t bother to study for the tutoring session. And the tables are turned, with a vengeance.

“OWW!” The last blow caught the under-curve of your bottom, and I
hear you hissing through your teeth at the pain. “This isn’t fair!”

I rub your cheeks lovingly. “You were late, and you aren’t taking this
seriously,” I tell you in that reasonable, matter-of-fact tone that
you absolutely hate.

‘Robert, I am *sorry* really sorry I was late.” You say this calmly, as if
you were sitting in the professor’s office and not laying across my
lap with your naked behind in the air. “I swear, I am taking this
seriously, sweetheart.” {SPANK,SPANK,SPANK} “OWW!! Damn it, Robert!
That *hurts.*”

“I am going to make that A in this class,” I tell you. “You told me
you would help me do it.”

“And I will, Robert, but you need to let me up. You’ve made your
point,” you saying squirming.


Your legs kick up and down, and I can see you sobbing. Your bottom is quite
warm to the touch. “You’re going to be prepared from here on out, Jackie,”
I tell you as I {Spank} again.

“For the rest of the semester, you’re going to be prepared and on

{SPANK!!} “AAHOWWW!!! Yess, I, I’ll be prepared.” You begin to weep,
and your shoulders shake.

{SPANK!} “For the rest of the semester?”

{SPANK!!!} This last blow breaks you. Tears are streaming down your
face as you choke out ” I swear, Robert, for the rest of the semester,
I’ll be prepared and ready to tutor you.”

From Bare-Bottomed In the Park by Doc2B and LadyJ.

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