Buildup to a Spanking

Here’s a page with a number of shorter spanking stories and vignettes supposedly contributed by readers. I like the buildup in this one:

Her head lowered as she now got ready to leave the restaurant. “Before you stand up, take your panties off, now.” She started to object but realized it would only make things worse. So she looked around and slipped her hand inside her black skirt and removed them as quickly as possible, trying not to draw attention. She noticed the older gentlemen eyeing her suspiciously at the table next to theirs. Obviously, he knew what she was doing.

As she began to ball up the black satin thongs and put them into her purse when the command came through stern and clear. “Put them in the middle of the table and leave them there. I want everyone to see why we are leaving our half eaten meal” She gasped, but complied. He walked around and pulled her chair out for her as she stood with cheeks red from shame. He grabbed her wrist and led her to the jeep like a misbehaved child is led out of a store.

When they finally walked through the front door of his apartment, he told her to go straight to the bedroom, get his wide black leather belt, undress and kneel down at the foot of the bed. As nervous and worried as she was, she felt that all too familiar tingle in her pussy causing the insides of her thighs to become damp. No matter what her previous punishments were, she knew she always came out with the better end of the deal. So maybe she need not be too worried.

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