Panties, Who Needs ‘Em?

Here’s an oddity, a spanking science fiction story that actually works! It’s a short-short, so rather than spoil the actual spanking for you by excerpting it, I’ll give you the first two paragraphs as the teaser:

It wasn’t that I never knew anyone who’d had her panties taken. My pretty young aunt had had hers taken for infidelity, and got sold to a garrison of soldiers, which was really mean. And my older cousin had her panties taken so she could be sold to pay my uncle’s debts. And my best friend refused her father’s choice of husband and he got so angry he had her panties taken and sold her to that selfsame man, so now he not only gets to fuck her, he gets to spank her, too.

So it’s not that I didn’t know it’s possible, but if you’d asked me if there was any danger I’d have my own panties taken, I’d have said never in a million years.

From Starstruck by John Benson.

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