Bad Faerie Queene! Bad!

AccordianGuy tells a long tale of the worst date ever, and yah it was pretty bad. But I was amused by this snippet of first-date conversation:

I suggested that we go next door to Taro Grill, where they placed us in a quiet, out-of-the-way booth. We ordered Amaretto Sours and started trading stories about ourselves. I told her about how I got kicked out of the Yamaha Organ School. In return, she told me about some strange game she and her friends played at the age of thirteen in boarding school: she was the Faerie Queene, but since she was a bad Faerie Queene, she had to submit to many spankings.

“Clearly all the porn flicks that take place in a boarding school have an element of truth to them,” I observed.

Me, I think I would have tried to draw out that bit of conversation, without using phrases that are candidates for “The List“. Who knows, the whole date might have taken a better turn!

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