Tied For The Tawse

Here’s a scan from an old bondage magazine. The original caption was “A Horse of a Different Color”:

strapped to a bondage horse and menaced with a tawse

However, if the gentleman applies that tawse with all the enthusiasm his body language displays, somehow I don’t think it’s the horse that will soon be a different color.

  1. RC commented on September 1st, 2008:

    That’s the difference between horses and women.

    One whips a horse to make it go faster.

    One whips a women to make her come faster.

  2. Thwack commented on November 20th, 2008:

    Hi, I still can`t sit and it waqs 2 days ago, I caught my third ticket and my husband decided to teach me a lesson.

    We have a horse in the garage and conveniently a scottish tawse, boy does that thing sting over jeans but on the bare OUUUUUCH !!!!!!

    As for colour ……….

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