Another Movie Spanking

Here’s another movie spanking, a real classic. This promo photograph is from the movie The Girl He Left Behind (1956) and shows Tab Hunter spanking Natalie Wood with his hand:

Tab Hunter spanks Natalie Wood over his knee in The Girl He Left Behind

Huge grin on his face, and isn’t that a pretty smile on her face too?

  1. amy commented on December 13th, 2006:

    woah. last time i got a spanking i wasn’t that happy. but then again she isn’t getting it bare butt or with a belt…

  2. Ancient commented on April 30th, 2008:

    I remember seeing this in a magazine back around then. As I recall, the caption indicated that the picture was posed on the set in honor of Miss Wood’s 17th (or thereabouts) birthday, and had nothing to do with the film. (This doubtless accounts for the joyful expression on N. W.’s face. She may not have been the greatest actress of her time, but if the script required her to take a spanking she could easily have managed to make a more appropriate face.

  3. Philip Kemp commented on May 12th, 2008:

    I believe it was actually Natalie’s 18th birthday, and the film she and Tab were starring in was a western called (most appropriately) The Burning Hills. (No spanking in the actual film, though.) The grin was probably genuine, as by all accounts the lovely Natalie adored being spanked. She and Tab became an item for a while, but she always complained that he never spanked her hard enough.

  4. John commented on December 24th, 2010:

    Looks like her right behind is copping it too!

  5. Terri commented on April 6th, 2011:

    Smile? She’s laughing her head off! It’s quite clear she’s having a ball, and so’s he, from the grin on his face. Very cute

  6. elroberto commented on April 6th, 2012:

    there is another pic taken at the same time which has tab accross natalie’s appeared in the picture mags about the same time

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