Not Blogstalking, Honest!

I am not, am not I say, stalking Mike and Michelle. These constant references flow from one simple fact: This is a spanking blog, and right now they are blogging a lot about spanking, and a guy has to cover the spanking news, doesn’t he?

So anyway, things got pretty warm over at their place yet again:

So, we lay there, and we’re still horny, and she hasn’t really been spanked. So, I tell her, I want to spank her, and she moans, and lifts her hips a bit, and so it begins.

In this situation we do them in sets – between 10 and 50 at a time per side, with her counting – 1 Sir, 2 Sir, so on and so forth. We start at 25, and I think hey, maybe we’ll get to 100. Seems like enough for the day, so that we did, 25 and 25 and 25 and 25, not hard at all, and her counting. I was kinda tired, so it was enough to sting, to bring up the red, but wasn’t overly hard.

I got inspired, spanked her asshole for 25, then started in, did another 2 sets on her bottom, then another on her asshole. On and on and on it went. When we hit 300 I asked her if she was ok, and she said yes. Yeah her ass was red and hot to the touch, but she was beyond wet again, and if you could have heard her voice you’d hear how turned on she was.

At 350 I’d slipped my hand between her legs and was fingering her, feeling her tighten with every smack. It still wasn’t hard, but well, it builds you know? She asked me how many, and I told her, and she wanted to keep going.

50 more made 400, and she cried a little, and came too. Hard.

I stopped, thought it was enough. Held her, made sure she was ok. She started stroking my cock, and licked it, made me moan, and said she wanted to finish, get the 500. Nice even number I guess.

So, I took my time, spanked her slow while she jerked me off. We hit the big 5 double zero, then I carried her into bed, and we lingered with our mouths.

I was going to end with a very simple “And then we made love”, but that’s what it all was, just from different perspectives.

And after that, it was Mike’s turn….

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