No Backtalk During Sex, Or Else!

Hmm, this is a spanking blog, I guess I should mention it when other bloggers having spanking stories to share. It seems Michelle copped a ‘tude with Michael…during sex. First she got a lecture, and then:

I pulled out, made her get down off the bed, kneel on the floor. Spanked her hard for a little bit, then got annoyed and sent her to the kitchen on her knees to fetch a wooden spoon.

She brought one back – biggest one there – took her awhile – figure she took some time to sulk – and I used it on her, hard. Left a few marks, and about halfway through I could hear the change in her voice – that was pretty satisfying. She started off pretty much sounding “yeah, whatever”, but I guess I changed that.

I still think their blog is one of the hottest sex blogs around.

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