The 120 Days Of Spanking

Here’s a spanking story that reads like it was written by a fan of the Marquis de Sade. Not in the specifics so much, but in the fascination for large round numbers and mass spectacles. For the Marquis, one woman wasn’t good literature. Every scene need six prostitutes, eight schoolgirls, fourteen carefully planned humiliations, sixty round strokes with the bundle of seven rods. You get the idea.

This story is like that. A school caning goes badly wrong, and the lawyers get involved, and before you know it half the school is lined up in the auditorium getting caned by the other half, forty rousing strokes each. Wow, the sheer effort of it all!

Mrs. Wicker pulled out a list from her pocket. Mrs. Sinclair had typed it up last night. On it were the names of all involved arranged in an alphabetical order. Mrs. Wicker felt a pang of sorrow for poor Mrs. Sinclair. Her name was fifth from the bottom, so that meant that she would have to stand with hands on head through four canings with her blistered bottom on display to the entire assembly. Mrs. Wicker began as Mrs. Sinclair had dictated. She lectured for twenty long minutes on the importance of honesty in both school and out in the “real world.” She then read off the entire list of names and announced the sentences for each person. All throughout the speech and the calling out, the twelve prefects and the three older women had to stand still with their hands on their heads and display their naked and unpunished bottoms to the entire assembly.

Mrs. Wicker than began the punishments. Three prefects were called before Mrs. Wicker read off the name, Jessica Fielding. The three previous girls were still hopping from one foot to the next in a vain attempt to cool their chastised bare bottoms. Mrs. Wicker took the phrase, “applied without mercy,” to heart. She had delivered vicious strokes to the bared bums of the prefects. Even with only twelve strokes, there were weals that had broken open and were bleeding slightly. Since the girls had to keep their hands on their heads, there was no opportunity to soothe their fiery backsides. That was, of course, the point of remaining in that position. All of them had been sternly warned by Mrs. Wicker that if their hands left the tops of their heads, they would be forced back into position and given their original sentence all over again.

Mrs. Fielding fared much worse than the prefects. The cane was applied with even more force. Mrs. Wicker actually stepped back after every strike so she could step into the next stroke and deliver much more force to the blow. It was obvious by this time to the assembly that classes for the entire day would be canceled because of both the large number being caned and because of the fifteen second wait between each stroke of the cane. It was certainly going to take most of the day to deliver all of the canings.

When Mrs. Wicker applied the fortieth and final stroke to Mrs. Fielding, she had the enormous satisfaction of seeing the bawling woman jump up and down for two minutes before she had calmed sufficiently to take her place in the line of shame….

From A Fair and Just Response by Anne.

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