Whipped Slave Woman

Here’s a sobering reminder of the fact that the memes we play with in the BDSM world are vestigial artifacts of a brutal era when whips and bondage had no connection to anything safe, sane, and consensual:

engraving of a half-naked female slave being whipped with her hands tied above her head

Caption reads: “Flagellation of a Female Samboe Slave”.

  1. Marnie H commented on March 10th, 2005:

    I am so happy that you have this image on your webpage. I was searching for a color image. This is in a reading packet that I had from an undergraduate course I took. As a Masters student in English Literature, this image has an even greater importance: It was engraved (illustrated and watercolored) by the great William Blake. William Blake is nothing less than the greatest British poet, artist, and visionary ever lived.

  2. khalid commented on November 5th, 2005:


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