The Spanking Fairy

Here’s a cute little story about a couple of fairies (the miniature kind, with wings) who have a minor unresolved interpersonal issue. It’s too short to excerpt, so just go read it: “Buttercup” by Dice.

  1. calliope commented on November 1st, 2007:

    That is so sweet! I grew up reading a book of 365 one page stories for children printed in 1930 or so, and one story was about a naughty lil fairy who kept stealing the nectar that belonged to the fairy court- she was caught and spanked for it, of course! And of course, as a child who was already finding spanking stories attractive, I loved re-reading it! The book is in a box around here somewhere….

  2. Bumka commented on January 31st, 2008:

    OMG! That was adorable!!!! :) Thank you!!!

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