Argument From Design

Here’s an essay arguing that the happy symmetry between hand and bottom is proof of the existence of God:

Admit it or not, we all would like to find some evidence of the existence of a caring deity, a God force in our world.

Proof, you say. You need more proof. But that is so easy. Look at the shape of the human hand, how the palm effortlessly forms a gentle curve. Hold your hand board flat and stiff, and it is a strain; the whole hand soon starts to shake. But allow it to form to that natural curve of someone’s butt, and immediately all is right once again in the universe.

In sum, the hand was meant for spanking, just as the butt was meant to be spanked. The circle is closed, all is as it should be. The universe is good. Drop your pants and bend over.

Perhaps not philosophically rigorous, but I’m not inclined to argue.

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