Easter Whippings For The Women

Here’s an article about a quaint Czech custom:

They are upholding one of Europe’s more bizarre — and controversial — traditions: the Easter beating of women. It’s an old fertility rite that dates back to the Middle Ages; the only thing is that, in the Czech Republic, it’s not confined to the history books. It is a ritual still assiduously practised by Czechs today. On the morning of Easter Monday, men and boys whip women of all ages, around the legs with special whips made out of twisted willow branches. The women reward the men for this with a painted Easter egg. The symbolism is pretty clear: the whipping, say Czechs, ensures the woman stays fertile and beautiful. No woman escapes: women of all ages get a whipping, from children to grandmothers. In fact, it’s considered rude to leave one of the women in a gathering out, even if she’s 70 years old. The whipping is supposed to be symbolic, more a gentle tap.

Thanks to Daze for the link.

  1. Tom Jasiukowicz commented on April 4th, 2018:

    I am of Polish origin and am glad that in the fatherland, one dostaja w pupe.

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