Daria The Sarcastic Slavegirl

It turns out that Jollyroper is not the only one who has given some thought to the effect of slavery on Daria’s sarcasm. Here’s an excerpt from a long Daria fanfic called “Heard about Ms. Li?” in which Daria, Jane, Quinn, and the whole fashion club are captured and trained for white slavery:

Mrs. Bennett raised her flogger, causing Daria to flinch. As soon as she relaxed, Bennett gave her several hard blows on her back and buttocks.

“Stop that, dammit!” Daria screamed. “I’m getting sick and tired of this crap, and I want out!” she pleaded, as the plump woman kept whipping her naked body. Mrs. Bennett maneuvered the girl over to one of the columns and pushed her up against it, hard.

“And I’m tired of your nonstop backtalk, bitch! Stop squirming, dammit! Oh, will I be so glad to see the last of you!”

She grabbed the manacles and hauled them up to a waiting hook and slipped them over. Daria kept fighting, but the woman was much stronger and quickly had the restraints firmly attached. Stepping back, she got a large rubber ball gag from one of the many storage racks throughout the barn and jammed it into Daria’s mouth.

Daria attempted to kick her, but she stomped hard on her shackle chain and fastened that to the post. Still struggling with a burst of nervous energy, Daria threw herself against her bonds until they began to hurt her wrists and ankles. Spent, she looked dazedly at Mrs. Bennett and mustered all the venom she could in her eyes.

“Poor little girl!” Mrs. Bennett huffed, slightly winded from the struggle. “All those brains, and you still haven’t figured out resistance is futile. Mistress Li was going to give you a good working over, but she won’t mind if I warm you up a bit first!”

Mrs. Bennett stormed over to one of the racks and selected a well used riding crop and a spreader bar. With a violent shove, she forced Daria’s legs open and affixed the spreader bar to her shackles. Stepping back, she began to swat Daria’s crotch and breasts, making sure she was landing the blows directly on her new rings. Daria began to jerk and moan in pain at each blow, tears flowing down her smooth cheeks.

“Awwww, does that hurt? You poor baby! Let me take your mind off those nasty little rings, dear,” she mocked, exchanged the crop for her flogger. With slow, steady strokes, Daria began to jerk spasmodically, sobs slipping out from the large rubber ball jammed in her mouth. Diane began to get wet as she saw her helpless victim dangle before her, eyes tightly shut.

“Enough!” Li’s voice cut through the room. The Asian woman stalked up the sobbing girl, shaking her head. “And up until yesterday afternoon you thought you were well prepared for anything life had in store for you. All you ever had was that sarcastic attitude to fall back on when problems arose. Why, I’ll bet you’ve got a sarcastic remark right now! Let’s find out, shall we?”

She took the gag out of Daria’s mouth, and looked straight into her terrified eyes. “Well, Ms. Morgendorffer, I’m waiting.” Daria was still sobbing between breaths, and she shook her head vigorously. “Such a waste. Here she has the perfect opportunity to mock us, and all we hear is her going boo-hoo-hoo.”

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