“How I Converted My Vanilla Husband”

An article by JJ, who wanted discipline spankings from her husband. The strategy in a nutshell: Soften him up with some good old “Surrendered Wife” treatment, followed by:

I went to him and said something like, “I need you to spank me. I need to be spanked because I did X, and I am sorry I did X. Your spanking me for this mistake would make me feel cherished and loved by you.” I tried to put it in the perspective of my needs in a positive way, and handed him a paddle.

To my surprise, he didn’t ridicule me or act hostile. Instead, he looked at me, said, “All right,” and spanked me. When he asked me at one point when he should stop, I said, “You decide when I’ve had enough.” So he paddled me a couple dozen more times (which I didn’t expect!), only really hard. I stayed bent over till he told me I was done, and that was truly my first disciplinary spanking. It really hurt, so of course I was pleased. It meant he was taking it seriously as discipline.

Hubby sounds like a pretty lucky man.

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